How to Quickly Start Saving Money


When you use that bank debit or credit card, you probably are not really saving receipts and probably buy more that you really need. Paying with a card always leaves a “digital” trail that you can go back and see all your transactions and even categorize them if needed.

Having that digital receipt is critical to making a prosperous lifestyle and saving your money for the better things in life later when you can afford them.

It is highly recommended that you even stop using that bank debit card – as you have a somewhat unlimited amount of available funds (depending on your actual account balance). WE highly recommend using a debit card or even PayPal.

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debit cards

You should start using a standalone or prepaid debit card that is not linked to your checking or savings account. With this type of card, you must manually (or digitally) add a pre-set amount of funds to the card that will be available for use.

Debit Cards keeps you from spending more than you have hopefully budgeted and are ready to spend.

Whenever you use your Bank checking or saving account debit card – you are actually automatically using available funds in your main financial account.

The more you have available, the more you are going to spend. Having a preset account balance will force you to spend only what you have available and reduce impulse spending.

online grocery

You ever notice the way grocery store aisles, end caps and register areas are setup? They are set up in the “gotcha” manner, i.e., items are strategically placed that most people want, but don’t need. This causes you to not really know how much you are spending until checkout.

In addition, most stores are now placing higher priced or organic items at eye level or easy to reach levels. They are almost forcing you to grab what they want you to grab – the most profitable items to be seen first.

Online grocery shopping keeps that running total right smack in your face. This way, you see your running total as you add items, as well as delete or compare items. In addition, the amount you save can allow you to have your groceries delivered to your home as well…saving you time and more money.

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When was the last time you took a good look at your bank statement (or reviewed receipts is you used cash)? You will certainly notice the huge amount of money spend on food, drinks, coffee, and much more.

Look at that Starbucks (or similar coffee establishments) actual costs. On the average, one spends $5 at Starbucks and goes there at least 3-5 times per week. That is an average weekly spend of $15-25/week, or $780 – $1,250 per year. Think about all the things you could do with that $1200 each year.

You can make that delicious Starbucks coffee at home with this recommended coffee maker by Keurig.

In addition, you can order (and have delivered) you favorite Starbucks coffee here.

Here’s the thing to do – print out your weekly bank or debit card statement, and highlight all the food, dining and beverage purchases you make. You will be surprised by the amount of money you are spending on these items.

reward programs

Did you know that you can earn cash back and other rewards with most of your daily and weekly purchases?

The one program we really endorse is Swagbucks. There are several ways that you can earn money on your purchases, as well aa other ways to make a little extra money. You can also earn gift cards and so much more. This is a must see and use. Check it out here.


Notice how many items you have sitting around the house, garage or office that you never use. Most of these items can be used by someone out there that has a need (or a want) for used items that you have.

You can sell these items on eBay or even a local online garage sale like the Katy Texas Online Yard Sale.

There are people out there that will pay for your unused items – generating some additional income for you. There is nothing wrong with having your own garage sale for your neighbors and others to grab some of your items at great prices.

If non of these appeal to you, then donate the items to Goodwill or your local charity. Doing this will generate a coveted TAX Deduction that you use when filing taxes. Just remember to get the itemized donation receipt.


Did you know that your job (if you have one) has an option to deposit a portion of your new proceeds into a savings account – and not all of your money into a checking account?

This is the fastest way to automatically force yourself to save a certain amount of money each paycheck. You can earn a little interest on that savings account as well.

Taking money off the top is amazingly effective and forces you to start saving.

make a budget

You have heard this over and over again – make a budget for your purchases and finances. In today’s digital world, this can almost be done by any type of phone app or PC software or website.

A budget is used to track everything that happens to your money – and is the most effective way to help you start making a prosperous lifestyle.

You will learn to spend much more wisely when you track and see where your money is going.


Unless you income increases dramatically each year, you are going to have to start saving money to become prosperous and have the type of lifestyle certain people have.

Yes, it takes great effort to save money, but is you are serious about improving your lifestyle, you need to start doing the things we presented here.

Start working smarter and not harder to achieve the lifestyle and things that you want in life.

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