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Hello and thanks for visiting my blog about how you too can now Make A Prosperous Lifestyle.  This blog was started to help people learn and start the process of making a prosperous lifestyle.  After having success with various facets of Internet Marketing, I decided to take everything that I learned and now share it with others.

My name is Barry McCoy, and I have been online since 2001. Starting out super part time, I saw the importance of helping small business owners get the tools and training to be competitive with the deep pocket companies with large advertisement budgets and technological teams.

Over the years, we have helped countless businesses and individuals get online from everything from simple family sites to complex business and e-commerce sites and blogs.  In addition, we provided tools and strategies, as well as warned about possible scams and worthless tools out there.

The internet is not going away – as just about all facets of most businesses are going online in some form or another.

This blog and website have awesome training, tools and recommendations for just about every need that you and your business can have.

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