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It's all about belief

YES, you can have a Prosperous Lifestyle and become more Valuable and Powerful if YOU BELIEF

Hello and welcome to the best website and online resource for Making a Prosperous Lifestyle. This site is all about helping you become at peace with yourself financially, and understanding the power and meaning of having that lifestyle that is prosperous.

If you are struggling financially or even spiritually, we can help you sort through the issues and help get you on a positive path towards success.

No one deserves to go through life struggling to meet basic life needs.  There are several solutions available to help you get over the hump and star t making decisions that help you now and in the future. There are strategies out there to help people gain a better lifestyle. Making A Prosperous Lifestyle is one of the best starting points to start that path and start seeing positive results that await you.

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As an Entrepreneur and business consultant, I fully understand the importance of building the type of lifestyle that everyone wants and serves to have.  Working with individuals, business owners and professionals, I am always asked about how to improve one’s financial situation, and how to have some type of prosperity in life.

My answer has always been to start believing in yourself and set powerful – yet realistic goals. You already know where you came from, and you need to know where you are headed as well.

Meet Our Team

Barry S. McCoy, Sr

Founder, Lead Consultant

Business Consultant and former Pizza Franchisee.

Efram Jones

Trainer, Business Consultant

Corporate Trainer and Business Development Engineer

GiaSchell McCoy

Trainer, Lead Consultant

Educator and Product Development

Candace Williams

Creative Design

Creative and Website Designing. Graphics Illustrator

The problem for most people is, they never created a roadblock to get there. They just take what is given to them and never strive to improve their situation spiritually or financially.

So, along with some business partners, Making A Prosperous Lifestyle was created. The mission is tp provide an all-in-one resource center for anyone to learn the skills and behaviors needed to start seeing some prosperity in their lives.

We are a group of professionals from all parts of life bringing a wealth of information about what successful lifestyles look like. No matter how financial set you are or feel that you are, we are here to help get you on the right path to achieving a Prosperous Lifestyle.

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