Time Management Strategies for Entrepreneurs You Need To Know and Start Implementing Right Away

Being an entrepreneur entails many professional and personal traits – all based on time management strategies for entrepreneurs. It takes a lot to be able to launch, execute, grow, and scale a business.

As a result, entrepreneurs have to be extra careful with every decision, and being able to manage their time correctly is an invaluable skill.

The Top Four Time Management Strategies for Entrepreneurs

1. Break Down Your Business (and Personal) Activities Into Simple Opportunities

Stop thinking of all the problems you are facing as things holding you back.  One should now think of such problems as “opportunities” that you need to engage in with an aggressive effort once and for all.

This strategy requires a lot more effort including adjusting your mindset. But  when you start to realize that your problems are all based on your current mindset – you will see most, if not all of your opportunities being handled and going away.

Dealing with the real opportunity – and not thinking about the “symptoms of the opportunity”, you can begin the process of breaking down such opportunity into smaller steps to achieve the desired results.

You see, you need to start engaging the opportunity head on and find the real root of the opportunity. Stop thinking so much about the symptoms of the opportunity…

Therefore, improving your time management skills and altering your mindset are the first part of these four time management strategies for you as a successful entrepreneur.

2. Complete And Utilize A Prioritization Schedule

We all try to complete everything that we set out to do – daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

However, what actually happens is in the end, one really ends up spinning the wheels trying to complete a little of this – and a little of that…never really achieving everything one set out to accomplish anyway.

There are all kinds of “Mind Set” ways of planning and accomplishing one’s goals.

But, in the end – it all boils down to finding what is the most important outcomes desired, working to achieve the most desirable results only.

This all boils down to PRIORITIZATION.

You may ask, ok… but how?

The preferred method I am introducing to you requires 4 steps that you have to take to maximize your efforts and results in the most timely and efficient way.  Prioritize and complete your efforts in the following order:





* URGENT Tasks are those that are probably overdue or due very soon – and they require your immediate attention where dire consequences will happen. Urgent Tasks also will

* IMPORTANT Tasks are those that will have an effect on other things or people if they are not completed. Important tasks are also those that actually depend on other tasks to get to completion.

3. Get Some Wins – Start With A Simple Task

Many people are on the fast track to failure because they feel defeated when things they try do not work out…

One then gives up and begin to feel that they don’t have a chance for success. This leads to a high level of de-motivation each and every day, week and month.

We all want to feel good about ourselves. The best way to feel this way is to achieve some level of success – small or large.

Thus, the best way to start “winning” and have some success is by starting out small with some simple tasks each day – to get you started on the right an positive path.

Your daily, weekly and monthly productivity will jump into high gear when you start seeing some success.

And, once you start achieving some success, the harder and urgent tasks will be so much easier to achieve…leaving you feeling better about yourself and what you are trying to achieve.

4. Planning And Committing To A Long-Term Roadmap

Goal setting is a critical time management process leading one’s long term path to prosperity and financial success.

Long Term Goal Setting is mandatory…

These goals actually provide important data allowing one to accurately measure if they are really on track towards meeting goals.

There is no doubt that Planning – a repetitive task – can drag you away from your day-to-day activities.

However, creating a long-term plan allows you to better focus on your goals. It also helps you decide whether any new tasks that come up, are in line with your goals.

When you write down tasks and responsibilities that are crucial to your success, you can now see and evaluate the expected results.  These results can be measured monthly.

In addition, preparing a long-term roadmap also provides you a clearer picture of your weekly availability to complete other non-important tasks and responsibilities.


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