Can You Really Create Websites In A Few Simple Steps?

I’ve been making websites since 2001 – even before the awesome WordPress platform was launched.

Back then, all sites were coded in HTML and then PHP, and let me tell you – it was a real challenge to get sites designed and properly coded.

When WordPress launched in May 2003, website creation was a whole lot easier – even though WordPress actually started as a Blogging platform.

Over the years, website creation was made easier using CMS (Content Management Systems) platforms – with WordPress leading the way.


So, the Big Question is – Can You Really create a fully functional website in a few steps only?

The answer is not a true yes or no to creating websites easily…

I have been creating over 90% of my websites and sites for my clients using WordPress and “do it yourself” themes that can be customized to fit the specific needs of the respective business or needs.

But, what if you could pick a specific theme or template that fits your needs and make a few minor changes – and then have a completed site up and running in minutes?

Well, I actually found a cloud-based platform that does just that.


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