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  • dfy3

    [Review] DFY Hero Online Site Creator

    I've been making websites since 2001 - even before the awesome WordPress platform was launched.

    Back then, all sites were coded in HTML and then PHP, and let me tell you - it was a real challenge to get sites designed and properly coded.

    When WordPress launched in May 2003, website creation was a whole lot easier - even though WordPress actually started as a Blogging platform.

    Over the [...]
  • prodimage-8

    Backlink Machine V2.0 Review

    Hello there!

    Today I'm reviewing a product that claims to help improve your SEO on sites that are not converting or driving traffic as you need it to be doing on a consistent basis.

    Check out what I found out about this product and if it something that you should invest your time and money in.No matter how good your offers are if people can’t find your site, all your hard work will be for [...]
  • Qnckr7tfYlURz3FHesHx.png

    SEO Keywords Basics: Choosing the Right Keywords That Work

    When doing digital marketing and SEO, it is essential to check whether you are up to date with the latest guidelines of SEO and keyword research.
    Choosing the Right SEO Keywords That Work
    For long in the history of SEO, keyword research remained an essential part of both website planning and content optimization.

    Now, keyword research has more relevance in terms of social media [...]
  • Americans For Prosperity calls on Congress to block Trump’s tariffs on Mexico – Social Media Video Network Trends

    The conservative political advocacy group Americans for Prosperity is calling on lawmakers to block attempts by President Trump to impose tariffs on Mexico. The group’s president, Tim Phillips, joined CBSN’s “Red and Blue” Tuesday to discuss.

    As most of us are self-employed - the reality is that these tariffs will hurt our clients, customers and ourselves down the line.

    You see, [...]
  • puzzle-2500328_640

    The Truth About Making Money Online that No One Tells You About. #buildingbigbrands

    I also would like to give a disclaimer before you dive into this blog post that I am only making reference based on my personal experiences, so your opinion is not up for debate. I will be focusing on Payment Plans and Online Launches.

    Let’s jump right in.

    Payment Plans
    The first time that I started offering payment plans was back in 2011. The main purpose of me doing this was so I [...]
  • shutterstock_211322881-4096x2731.jpg

    Watch This: 15 Genius Tips for Cleaning Your Bathroom | Money Talks News

    If the world’s greatest cleaning company rang our doorbell and offered to clean one room in the house, most of us would probably choose the bathroom. (The rest would select the kitchen.)

    We all want a clean bathroom, but few of us jump up and down with excitement over the prospect of scrubbing in there. Fortunately, some out-of-the-box techniques can make things easier — and a lot more [...]
  • shutterstock_788420341-4096x2731.jpg

    5 Fast and Affordable Ways to Make Your Car Smell Amazing | Money Talks News

    Americans spend a lot of time in their cars, so it can be pretty unpleasant if they are driving around in a less-than-fragrant environment.

    Fortunately, there are many potential fixes for the problem — and some of them are inexpensive and chemical-free.

    Following are five do-it-yourself ways to get your ride smelling swell.
    1. Open a box of dryer sheets
    Over on Reddit’s “Life Hacks” [...]
  • making-money-offline

    Making Money Offline: 5 Ways to Peddle Your Online Skills to Offline Businesses – Blogging Tips For Small Businesses 2019

    Unless you’ve been sleeping for the past 10 years, you probably know that the regular joe business owner would kill to know what it takes to get more customers using the limitless potential of online marketing.
    With all the young computer whizzes out there these days, you’d think it’d be no difficult task to find qualified help in this department, but the truth is that a lot of business [...]
  • prospeous social networking

    Making Prosperous Social Networking Your Strength

    Social Networking is really a lifestyle.

    Everyone networks. Networking is really a prime opportunity to build business and personal relationships that can actually benefit you in the long run.

    Regardless if you are searching for an insurance broker, an auto mechanic or even a consultant,  everyone always asks friends, family, and associates for recommendations.

    If you approach networking [...]
  • 12-tips

    12 tips to be successful with work at home jobs

    Have you ever considered a work at home career? Do you dream of ditching the commute to work and embracing a life of telecommuting?

    Work at home jobs are appealing for many reasons, however, if you’re not careful you could be in for a disappointment.

    Today, Chris from Money Stir shares how you can succeed in a work from home job. Chris has worked at home for the last 8 plus years as a [...]

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