Bee swarm caused Padres to take cover again at Spring training Bee swarm caused Padres to take cover again at Spring training
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Padres players had to dive for cover at spring training due to another bee swarm

Admin Mar 06,2018
bee swarm at Padres practice

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It’s March in Arizona, which means baseball is back … as are the bees.

But for some reason, these bees love to hang around the San Diego Padres’ spring training camp. Last year, a spring training game between the Rockies and Padres was halted as a bee swarm invaded the field. Players on both teams dove to the ground and waited for the bees to pass.

Fast forward a year to Monday’s warmups at Peoria Sports Complex, and the bees returned. The Padres’ Twitter account had a very appropriate response.

Bee swarms are common in Arizona this time of year and they can be aggressive. Via azcentral:

Most Arizona bee swarms are made up of more aggressive Africanized honeybees, because they tend to add population quicker and have to be on the move, Gloria Hoffman, research leader at the Carl Hayden Bee Research Center in Tucson, said Friday.

They also appear to love Peoria Sports Complex.

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