How To Start Your Own Blog

Before discussing and teaching you how to start your own blog – it’s imperative that you have a full understanding of why you need to have that blog. Well, the most important reason you need a blog is that your message will have a continuous and long-lasting presence on the internet.

Think about it, most posts on the internet – especially Social Media – are not long lasting at all. Most likely, if people are not online or on a specific Social Media account, etc. at the time you post – they probably will never see it. So, you need a blog for the long-lasting presence it yields you and your business.

And, just as important,  a properly optimized (SEO) blog will help get your business and name near the top of Google and other Search engines. To sum all of this up so far, having a blog should be part of your overall marketing strategy. Some of you are probably asking – well, what exactly is a blog… The simple definition is that a blog is an informal “diary style” article, posts or written conversation reflecting a specific niche or specific topics – that are posted online.

Blogs can be someone’s opinions, thoughts, ideas or proven facts about specific subjects. For example, our Blog on Making A Prosperous Lifestyle features general and specific topics that are geared towards helping people be successful online. So, let’s now talk about How To Start A Blog… Blogs can come in many formats and styles.

Here at Making A Prosperous Lifestyle, we believe in only using the best products and services possible.  The same is true for how we teach people to start their own blogs. Therefore, we will be teaching you how to effectively start your blog using WordPress…

Why WordPress?  (see our Blog Post:  Why You Should Use WordPress ) Well, because it is simply the best for blogs, as well as general websites.

Before getting started, there are some important things that you Must take care of before attempting to start any type of Blog (or website):

  • Your Niche

    You need to choose a specific niche that you are very interested in and are passionate about. However, don’t be like most people, and immediately choose a “profitable” niche.  Here’s the thing, starting out a new blog with profits in mind – will always lead to failure. You will run into setbacks, not making an immediate return on your efforts and eventually give up. So, start with an idea that you are passionate about.  This builds trust with your readers as they can sense your passion for what you are delivering to them.  This also will help position you as an expert in the eyes of your followers.

  • Choose A Domain Name

    The domain name for your blog is one of the most important things you need to consider as you move forward with creating your blog. Keep this in mind, you may not be able to get the exact “domain name” you want for your site name or theme.  However, you can try different extensions like,,, etc.  Having that coveted .com is not as valuable as it once was – so, consider other extensions that suite your style and niche…and can be molded with your passion. For domain names, we highly recommend Namecheap – as they are very reliable and affordable, with domain names as low as 88 cents,  Under no circumstances do you need to pay more than $20 for any domain name (except some new and more personal type extensions. In addition, make sure you get an SSL certificate for your domain name.

  • Hosting

    Now that you have passionately chosen your Niche and domain name, you need to get your domain name online with proper website hosting. When choosing your blog hosting, be careful of the free and off-brand web hosting sites – as you will suffer some type issues like downtime, poor service, and slow website speeds. We also highly recommend getting your hosting with a company that provides cPanel. cPanel is a web hosting control panel that simplifies the process of adding your domain name on the internet to host a blog or website. The best thing about cPanel is that you can actually install WordPress in 1 click or a few clicks –  and have your blog up and running with the basic settings. Also, cPanel provides you with secure email hosting using your actual blog domain name – adding credibility and authority to yourself and your blog. You can also get specific WordPress hosting as well – that is optimized for blogs, etc.

  • WordPress

    This is the meat and bones of your blog – installing your blog using the WordPress Content Management System (CMS). We only recommend using WordPress for your blog (see why here).

    Once you install WordPress – you can choose from 1000’s of blog themes right inside your WordPress dashboard.

    However, keep in mind that almost all of the “free” themes available are generally stripped down – or have a lot of the vendor’s advertising/logo/ website visible on your posted blog.  You most likely will have to upgrade from the free them to get a lot of the functions that you actually may need In addition, customization is limited. That’s why we recommend getting a “multi-use theme that allows you to customize the site as you need.  You can search online for suitable themes.

    The theme that we use is called Theme Maker.  We highly recommend this theme as you can get preload materials and excellent training on using the theme.


    You have now passionately chosen a niche for your blog and purchased that perfect domain name. In addition, you have attached your domain name to acceptable hosting with cPanel included, that allowed you to instantly have a desired WordPress Blog installed. Your blog should now be visible (keep in mind that it may take 24-48 hours for your domain name to propagate throughout the internet.  Propagation is something that you or your hosting company have any control over. speed domain propagationIf you can get to a CMD on your PC, yu can run the following command that may help your PC see your new domain name faster:   ipconfig /flushdns This may work for most people.  However, it is not a fail safe way to speed up the propagation worldwide, but your PC actually may be able get your site visible depending on your internet server provider’s IP address and name servers.

As you can see, starting your own blog is not very hard at all.  You just need to know the right steps to follow and the right resources to use for your blog project.

Under NO circumstances do we suggest using ANY Type of FREE hosting or blog creation services.  You will find yourself at the mercy of the host – and they actually control your blog.

Let me stress the importance of using cPanel for your server control panel as it includes everything needed to get your WordPress blog up and running in no time – already SEO ready for the Search Engines to pick up and drive traffic to your blog.

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