Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to most questions about Making A Prosperous Lifestyle, how to get started , and the best strategies, solutions and processes.

Answers To The Most Frequently Asked Questions

Making a Prosperous Lifestyle is all about changing Mindsets towards the goal of improving the lifestyles of people. We provide solutions, trainings, and training materials that help everyone see the steps to start taking towards a lifestyle changes. Read more about us here.

All our solutions can be accessed online through registrations forms.  Some of the training is based on outside training sites and platforms.

Most of our training materials are no cost. Some of the training does require access and membership fees. Webinar training is always no costs – but do require registration.

The ability to market other people’s products and services for a commission is what we call Affiliate Marketing. The beauty of Affiliate Marketing is that you don’t need to actually own any products at all. You have to have the means to promote products. Read more about Affiliate Marketing here.

Saving money depends a lot on your mindset about the relationship between your mindset and your money. Saving money is about planning and setting goals. More information about saving money can be read here. 

Making extra money is the easiest way to put more money in your pocket to sustain your lifestyle. Money is not everything, but is is right out there with oxygen. See the best ways to start saving money here.

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