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The biggest secret to Blogging for Success lies in your ability to connect and turn as many of your visitors into qualified leads.

This may sound easy enough, but in reality – it takes a lot of time and determination from the blogger to get people overly interested in what you are writing about.  Building this interest will lead to your viewers becoming those qualified leads that you will need to start blogging for success.

Now, if you are currently driving a lot of traffic to your blog (at least 1,000 visits each day), you already have some interest in your writing and your blog.

The goal now is to find the best way to convert your traffic into actual sales.

Remember, this traffic we are referring to comes from not only the organic traffic, but more importantly from your lead generation.

As you are able to convert visitors into leads, the next step is to research and identify all your traffic sources and begin to qualify your traffic.

Here’s the thing, I see a lot of “bloggers” and basic website content writers doing whatever to get a lot of traffic to their blog and pages.  Yes, the numbers and analytics look good.  But, in reality, what good is all that traffic if they are not interested in what you are feeding them and they just “bounce” right off your site anyway.

These random visitors from such un-targeted traffic and irrelevant traffic are not going to convert no matter what you do…

Therefore, one of your secrets is to start carefully looking at all your traffic sources.  Google Analytics works great as well as some WordPress Plugins.

Take a look at our Google Analytics report.  First, you see that we have a very low bounce rate which means that our targeted traffic is actually viewing more than one page when they get to our site.

The average person is staying on our blog and site for almost 5.5 minutes…and this is a new blog post that I sent traffic to – mainly from Social Media.

We also are getting a lot of organic traffic from to our home page and some blog posts since we are actually trending on the 1st page of Google!

The main blogging secret is finding a way to get new visitors to stay on your site, as well as to keep your targeted and regular visitors to keep coming back.

Take a look at our Google Analytics report. First, you see that we have a very low bounce rate which means that our targeted traffic is actually viewing more than one page when they get to our site.

The average person is staying on our blog and site for almost 5.5 minutes…and this is a new blog post that I sent traffic to – mainly from Social Media.

We also are getting a lot of organic traffic from to our home page and some blog posts since we are actually trending on the 1st page of Google!

The main blogging secret is finding a way to get new visitors to stay on your site, as well as to keep your targeted and regular visitors to keep coming back.

Building an optimal business model that can lead to a prosperous lifestyle…

It all starts with one major marketing strategy and business principle…

Gaining Repeat Business and Customers!

Once you find something that works and is duplicable, you can really start building a sustained business and optimal income stature.  The same is so when you get customers – you need to find the best way to get them to keep coming back.

For example, look at successful businesses like Walmart, McDonald’s, Apple and what was once Sears.  All of these businesses have (and in the case of Sears) – found ways to get their customers to keep coming back over and over again.

These customers came back even with such businesses not spending a ton of money on advertising.

The reason for such sustained success is based on repeat business and repeat customers.

Here’s the main focus – these businesses actually rely on repeat customers for most of their profitable results.

This same principle applies to anyone desiring to create the most optimal business model for a prosperous lifestyle – getting repeat business without spending a ton on advertising.

Here’s a fact…

It is much easier and less expensive to build your business through current and repeat customers.

You need to build a positive relationship with your customers which gives them a reason to come back.

These important customers, according to Wikipedia, are also known as your Customer Base.

They are the main part of your business and should always be a major target and focus of all your marketing strategies.

Think about this, don’t you think it is easier to sell to customers already on your list – than it is to market to people that know nothing about you?

The most viable strategy you can do to build your business, in addition to sustaining profitability – is to sell to your regular and repeat customers over and over again.

But, here’s the thing…there is absolutely nothing wrong with marketing for new customers.  But, it is imperative that you continue “feeding” your bread winning customers with reasons to keep coming back and buying more.

Your regular and repeat customers are really where your optimal business model can build that prosperous lifestyle. Again, it is so much easier to get sales from customers and people that already know you, what your business is about – and they trust you.

This is the Optimal Business Model for A Prosperous Lifestyle

And, having these repeat customers on some type of a mailing or subscriber’s list is the way to your success.  Each customer on your list is almost a guaranteed sale or profit each month – if marketed to correctly.

You can’t just market offers each month neither.  You have to provide value to your repeat customers all the time. This value is not always in promoted offers, discounts and more.

The value we are referring to includes just good and viable information, tips, and training.  You should never just promote offers over and over.

Customers don’t like to be sold to.  They want to feel in charge of any buying decision.

Make sure you check out our other blog posts as well as other valuable information on this site about building the optimal business model. Also, check out our Recommendations Page for awesome materials and training geared towards building a prosperous lifestyle.

Does Affiliate Marketing Work

I’m asked quite often “what exactly is Affiliate Marketing?” and “Does this Affiliate Marketing thing really work?” Before I answer people, I always ask them how long they have been online, do they have a “mailing list” and a “buyer’s list”, and do they have targeted Social Media accounts for the types of products they will be affiliated with. Let’s explain just what Affiliate Marketing is… Affiliate Marketing, according to Wikipedia

“Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.”

So, as an affiliate(you), you are promoting someone else’s products to your lists, social media or any other marketing source – for a commission. Here’s the thing…one of the best benefits of Affiliate Marketing is that anyone can actually get started right away.  That’s right, you can actually get started literally within minutes of gaining access to affiliate products to promote. You DO NOT need a product. You DO NOT need a website – initially, that is. But, here is the one big mistake that many people new to affiliate marketing make...they fail to spend the right amount of time and give the right amount of effort into actually targeting their promoted product’s campaigns. In addition, another major stumbling block is new affiliates fail to understand the power of “enhancing” promoted products before actually promoting said products.  That is, new affiliates have a tendency to just blindly send out an affiliate link – hoping that people will see and click their affiliate links. So, with all this being said – we are back to the initial question, Does Affiliate Marketing Work? The absolute short answer is… YES!!! What you do need to know though, is what types of products (and niches) you want to promote to your list (if you have one) and your traffic sources.

(Looking for a shortcut and a complete Affiliate Marketing and Training Program to get started fast – the right way? We recommend Brett’s Circle – a proven Marketing and Training Program to get you started fast with Affiliate Marketing, and Product Creation as well.) Moving forward, all you need is access and approval to promote a vendor’s products/services.  Most people look at Affiliate Marketing as promoting various Internet Marketing, or digital products.  However, you can promote – and make a good income – from non-digital products as well. But, if you don’t know what you are doing, or get involved with the wrong products, you will do nothing but piss off your viewers – and NOT make any money at all.  That’s why I highly recommend Brett’s Circle for all your Affiliate Marketing Training – and much more.

Now, once you have an idea about Affiliate Marketing and how to get started, you can begin to promote some of the top and most recognized non-digital products including items from:

  • Brick and Mortar Companies
  • Food and Beverage
  • Shoes, clothing, etc.
  • Cellular phones and accessories
  • and much more

You can find just about any niche specific product to promote on some very good product networks, including Amazon, Clickbank, JVZoo, eBay, Shareasale, and others.

Ready For A Prosperous Lifestyle

Welcome to our Blog!   Ready for a Prosperous Lifestyle…

This is our first posting – and is an introduction to why we created this blog and what we can do for our viewers.

There is absolutely no reason why you – or anyone else – can’t Earn More, Live More, and Be More!

Making a Prosperous Lifestyle is attainable for anyone – if you put your foot down and start making the necessary changes in and around your lifestyle. Doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results – is the classic example of insanity.

To avoid having classic insanity in your lifestyle, the biggest thing I tell people almost daily is that you need to start surrounding yourself with Positive People and Positive Things.

ready for a prosperous lifestyle

Take a second and think about it…people that are upset, depressed and negative, want to bring their misery to those around them.  It is up to you to see through all of that negativity and bring positive people and situations around you all the time.

Eliminating negativity and setting positive goals is your first step in getting ready for A Prosperous Lifestyle.

Everyone, regardless of economic status – wants to be prosperous and live a good and financially healthy lifestyle.  This could come in the form of retirement, owning a business, or other positive means.

Most people just fail to actually realize everything that is actually possible for them – including owning a business, making money online, or even being successful overall.

For business owners, having growth and financial success leads to a much more prosperous situation at home and in the business. However, most people just don’t take the time to plan and actually go out and do the things needed to be successful. Many of us just procrastinate and continue dreaming about what could be – rather than what will be.

This website and blog present a world of information, solutions, training and more to get you on track and ready for a prosperous lifestyle.

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