All About Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing can be a very lucrative and generous method of passive income.  Based on a commission based, referral payment program, affiliate marketers usually make recommendations or promote various products on their websites, social media, via online advertisements or other via methods.

When someone makes a purchase from an affiliate link, the respective affiliate marketer receives a percentage of the sale – or commission…

The product vendor (or affiliate program) makes sales- but more importantly – the vendor gets the respective buyer and buyer’s email address for future promotions, etc.

Affiliate Marketing is a win/win scenario for both the product vendor and the marketer that is promoting the product/service – for a commission.  Product vendors can drive a lot of traffic to their sale’s pages without doing a lot of their own marketing efforts.  Affiliate marketers can usually make instant commissions without creating any products or marketing materials.

In today’s competitive marketplace, one needs to meet some basic requirements in order to become a successful affiliate marketer.

Most importantly, one needs to really be mindful and carefully research any products and vendors that they are considering promoting.  There are several vendors that promote a lot of hype with their products.  These same vendors usually do not provide support once people buy the products.  In addition, some vendors create basic junk products that don’t work or won’t deliver what is promised.

The bad thing is you – as the promoter – face the heat from the purchasers for such bad or not supported products and junk out there.

The easiest way to make sure you are promoting with a reputable vendor is to check the returns on other products that they have sold.  The Earnings per click (EPC) is another great barometer of the applicable product’s potential success.

So, what should you look for in an Affiliate Marketing Program…

  • A program and products that you have a passion for – and our products that you would buy yourself.
  • Don’t participate in affiliate marketing programs or with product vendors that pay less than 25% commissions.  The only exception is the Amazon Affiliate program.  Always look for products with at least a 50% commission structure.
  • Make sure the program and the vendor offer full customer support prior and after the sale.  Your job is to promote the products and get the sale. It is the vendor’s responsibility to handle all support and returns if applicable.
  • Align yourself with programs and vendors that provide several marketing tools for you to us like banners, ads, and graphics.
  • Clearly stated payment structure and handling of any refunds.

There are some “dirty” secrets that affiliate marketers will do as you promote their products.  The most blatant secret happens when a visitor or prospect does not buy the product.  You see, the vendor’s sales page will now become a lead magnet as the vendor will install exit popups or similar offers to get the viewers email address with a freebie or similar incentive.  The vendor actually gets a second chance to get a potential future buyer – all from your traffic.

See our blog post for a solution for you to actually make the most of this “secret”.




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