2021 will bring a ton of changes to the lifestyles of many people. The Covid-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on entrepreneurs and the everyday person to generate income or keep a solid job.

More and more people are at home and are now in a situation where they are forced to start working from home. Others are desperate to find ways to supplement their income to have some semblance of a respectable lifestyle.

One way to generate income online – and from home, is by promoting other people’s products and services for a commission. This income generating phenomenon is Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is part of a billion-dollar online industry that is projected to continue growing through 2021 and beyond. Everyone has used some form of Affiliate Marketing – but did not know it…

Take some of the products you purchase of Amazon. Most likely, the products you purchased may have come from an incentivized affiliate link from an Amazon affiliate. This affiliate received a commission for getting you to the products sales page and subsequently making a purchased for the vendor or product creator.

Affiliate marketing is “a marketing arrangement when on online retailer or product creator pays a commission to an external website or “affiliate”, for the traffic or sales that were generated.” The affiliate or their website, drives traffic to the vendor’s sales page. If a sale is made from that affiliate’s link, they receive a commission.

Affiliate commissions range from 1% all the way to 100%.

When vendors pay a 100% commission, that vendor is building their “marketing” list – while paying that 100% commission to the affiliate. You see, the vendor handles the sale and keeps that coveted email and contact information that they can use to market other products/services in the future.

It’s all about that list.


No Product Is Needed
The best part of Affiliate Marketing is that you don’t need to have any products of your own. You market other people’s products for a commission.

You market your affiliate link through your website, email list(s), blog, Social Media and even word of mouth. When sales are made through your links, the affiliate pays you directly…sometimes instantly.

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