Men’s Denim Buying Guide. With this guide, you’ll know how to buy denim that don’t just fit your inseam but your lifestyle, too.

When it comes to denim, it isn’t only the typical blue one that we are talking about. Denim has various types and we highly recommend you to try them all out because denim are one thing you can invest on without giving a second thought. So fill up your wardrobe with these cool denim:

Men’s Denim Buying Guide

Classic Washed Denim – 
The classic wash, a.k.a your average mid-blue jean color, is the safest and most acceptable hue. To get this look, raw denim is rinsed and then bleach added to soften the inkiness.  A classic wash is best for more casual jeans (relaxed fit and classic) worn for more off-duty occasions.


Vintage –
Designed for those who want good things – now, vintage wash takes the time out of breaking in a new pair of jeans (something that can take years and by this stage the jeans’ crotch has ripped open or waistband given way). Dubbed ‘distressed denims’, raw denim is put through vigorous rinsing (depending on how light the final color will be) as well as sanding at the seams, knees, and thighs.


Dark Rinse –
Dark rinse jeans are close to the original raw start of the untreated denim but have been washed once or twice to retain the color but lose the stiffness that comes with raw denim. Often with variation shading around the seams, knees, and pockets, the dark blue works like black trousers would do. A perfect color for skinny jeans with a light denim jacket or with a blazer in a classic fit for smarter casual times.


Raw/Selvage –
This is denim is untainted, unwashed, and wild. In line with its untreated mantra, the cloth is dense and rigid. Selvage denim is when the two ends of a roll of cotton are used to make jeans, from which only a handful of pairs can be made, and is signified by a pair of white parallel lines on the cuff. It’s a version of raw and is a unique approach to denim. Raw jeans are like antiques in that they can last for years, taking months to signs of wear and tear.

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